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We believe in theatre. We believe in its power to engage, to make us think and feel, to connect with our deepest selves and with the world at large.

In our view, it’s a national tragedy that most of our young people will never experience professional theatre in their childhoods. We know that if we can give them that experience, they will be all the better for it. And for some of them, theatre will be nothing less than life-changing. By supporting theatre programs that team live performances with related in-school curriculum, we hope to make a positive and lasting impression on children, helping them eventually become thoughtful and engaged citizens of the world.

Much of the theatre programming in Los Angeles and Seattle takes place in small theatres. These organizations, many of which are unknown and struggle to obtain funding, make significant contributions to their city’s cultural vibrancy. Our Building Excellence in Small Theatre (BEST) Award provides general operating support to these organizations so they can flourish, especially in this period of economic instability.